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It is simply disrespectful to talk about climbing even worldwide without mentioning Andringitra the country of the narrow and deep valleys with its vertiginous cliffs, torrents and waterfalls. Climbers, mountain bikers, paragliders and even base jumpers made it famous such as the cliffs of Tsaranoro. The climbing was initiated by “Lézards de Tana” around the capital before the first expedition of german adventurers, Kurt Albert and Bernd Arnold, came in 1995. They conquered two big walls of Andringitra of which a pillar of 400 metres bordering the Karambony face. In 1997 tyrolean Klaus Obrist and Helmut Gargitter drew a beautiful compact rockway baptized “Gondwana Land” on the big wall of Tsaranoro. In 1998 Gilles Gautier and Alain Thiberghien drew two other less extreme rockways on the nearby dome of the Lemur Wall and Karambony. After some expeditions new rockways were added. Climbing is also very well implanted near Diego-Suarez on the sides of the Montagne des Français well protected from winds and especially in the archipelago of Nosy Hara where cliffs are exceptional and one can swim together with the turtles and dolphins. Rock-climbing, diving and idleness!