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The few Golf Clubs of the country have their own particularities. About 20 kilometres from Antananarivo on the national road N°4 is the “Golf du Rova” a 18-hole golf course with 5800 metres run surrounded by a typical landscape of Imerina where golfers will like to enhance their skill as the significant difficulties of its 18 holes is strewed with natural obstacles. Malaza in a 5 hectare estate of the western suburb of the capital plans a whole range of courses and trainings for all levels. Foulpointe Aura holiday resort which lays 60 kilometres north of Toamasina has a 8 golf course by the sea. Antsirabe 170 kilometres from the capital opened in 1935 and is the oldest golf course. In Nosy Be, known also as the perfume island the Orangea Golf has an 18-hole golf course with several resorts like Ravitsara, Vanilla hotel, home residence, Amarina & Andinallah Beach around well located in a niche area.