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Rural tourism

Within the framework of the concepts of ecotourism and sustainable tourism the local populations are invited to contribute more and more to the management of this activity and to benefit from its effects. For example Madagascar National Park allocates 50% of the entrance fees in the protected areas for the financing of microprojects to the benefit of the bordering villages. In Morondava 20 kilometres from the baobab alley the inhabitants of Marofandilia village participate in the preservation of their forests in making sculptures with exclusively some dead timber and by selling them to the tourists. The same principle is applied by three villages located 60 kilometres west of Fort-Dauphin in selling their statuettes while before they used to destroy their environment in burning the forests.

At Ambalavao south of Fianarantsoa the village Association Anja Miray manages an ecotourism site with very high potentialities and more than 6.000 visitors a year. It collects appreciable income from the entrance and local guide fees and was given the Equator Initiative Prize by the UNDP. At 39 kilometres east of Ambalavao the rural district of Ambohimahamasina has been investing in tourism since 2005. It manages 5 circuits and the visitors stay with the inhabitants and share their daily life.