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The northwest sea between Saint Sebastien cape and Radama islands is the favourite place for sailing.The several and mostly uninhabited islands allow choosing different and tailor-made routes. By leaving the north, the septentrional island of the Mitsio archipelago can be reached in a few hours. Ankarea, Tsarabanjina, Four Brothers, Grande Mitsio constitute amazing places where stops are recommended before continuing to Nosy-Be and its neighbouring islands. Other options include Nosy Mamoko and its fauna, kisimany and the Kongony river in a miniature Amazon setting, the Baie des Russes…A la carte cruise on board a sailing boat or catamaran with in addition the inland beauty offers an ideal combination “sea-earth” such as Amber Mountain, Ankarana National Park or Cocoa plantation at Ambanja which supplies cocoa to the most important chocolate manufacturers.