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Scuba diving

The malagasy coral reefs are among the most beautiful diving spots. On the west coast, the second greatest barrier reef in the world forms a huge lagoon of hundreds kilometres long between Itampolo and Morombe. Coral islands and reefs are also located at Belo-sur-Mer, Barren islands facing Maintirano, in the bay of Baly and of course in the archipelago of Nosy-Be where diving spots as Black Coral, the Cave, the Camel Bench and other Greg Wall at Radama islands are listed by the connoisseurs. On the eastern coast reefs are fewer and can only be found at Mahavelona (Foulpointe) the Masoala peninsula and especially around Saint Marie Island and its islets. In deep sea experienced divers can be attracted by the white and black-tip sharks which are rarely aggressive and dolphins.Finally Madagascar is one of the very few places where it is frequent to see totally harmless whale sharks.