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Water sports

Kayak, hot-dog, raft, in Madagascar the running water sports are practised on a wide selection of rivers having all their character with very good equipment and professional training. Mangoky in the south is one of the most beautiful rivers of the country but the access by rough track is rather difficult. Faraony between Fianarantsoa and Manakara allows to combine rail and canoe. Within Ranomafana Park the small river Andranoroa allows another view of the forest in 4 or 5 hours. We shall meet even shy lemurs.

In Itasy the local residents by the Lily river which leads till Babetville-Sakay are used to the passage of rafts. The running water of Itasy is magic. Maningory is one of these big rivers which starts from the highlands and flows into the Indian Ocean. A river which makes strong feelings in the heart of the eastern forest. The descent in raft is perfectly secure even though impressive waves sometimes force to navigate on IV or V class passageway. About 40 kilometres in rapids are scheduled for two days with a bivouac in the forest. Nothing to do with the soft descent of Katsaoka in the countryside of Antananarivo.