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This product is very special in Madagascar as it allows for discovery of nature, team building and meeting at the same time. Different regions have different options of combining meetings, discovery and nature and each one has its own specification and uniqueness of diversity. Travelling by road, bicycles, cart, traditional boat, ship, trekking, swimming, diving, fishing, playing golf or a day cruise allows you to distress yourself after a full day meeting in an environment of remote nature thereby rejuvenate yourself.
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  • Western landscapes, baobabs

    It is for all sports wanting a unique experience in the fabulous natural scenery of Isalo . This course, the technical parts of which are provided by a cable sealed pitons into the rock, was carried out by professional climbing from France.

    Duration : 8 days recommended
  • Marriage of green forest and red tropical island

    It is believed that Isalo is the living proof of continental drifts giving birth to cliffs and canyons of unique majesty with rare and endemic fauna and flora such as the Pachypodium, the Kalanchoe or the Aloe isaloensis. 

    Duration : 16 days recommended
  • Indris, discover of the island's fragrance

    Our specialist guides will be happy to make you appreciate such as the virtues of our medicines for the endemic flora and our fauna through the encounter with the lemurs macaco, the BOA snakes, the chameleon and geckos Brookesi species uroplatus ....

    Duration : 8 days recommended
    Nature, Seaside
  • Great south mixed with rainforest

    The Rova Ambohimanga Tour will disclose the rural facet of the capital city to you through the rice fields, the active holiday resorts, the valleys and the mountains which one can climb to reach the door of the palace.

    Duration : 13 days recommended
    Nature, Discovery
  • Baobabs, seaside with discovery of the capital

    Visitors can stroll around and meet the Vezo fishermen, indulge in watersport activities and discover the endless lagoon rich in deep sea biodiversities or simply bask in the sun on the beautiful beaches after a refreshing swim.

    Duration : 6 days recommended