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  • Mountain under all its forms

    Andringitra is situated at 46 km from Ambalavao in the south of Fianarantsoa.  If you are passionate about mountains, we recommend that you extend your stay by 2 or 3 days just to go and stop there a moment. It is indeed a most appropriate stop after the visit of the paper factory of Antemoro and of the private reserve of Anja.

    Duration : 9 days recommended
    Adventure, Sport, Discovery
  • Baobabs exploring tour

    A visit in the forest of baobabs is a must to admire the local flora and fauna. To discover species of rare birds of the island such as Monia de Bensch (Monia benschi), long-tailed Brachyptérolle (Uratelornis chimaer) as well as to visit some ground crossed off tortoises…

    Duration : 20 days recommended
    Adventure, Discovery
  • The natural beauty of Madagascar

    The Morondava Tour is breathtaking because everything over there is just so impressive: the baobab, the tsingy, the setting sun, the Vazimba tombs … nothing unusual then that this tour is called ‘’The Marvels of Madagascar’’.

    Duration : 7 days recommended
    Historical, Adventure, Photo tours, Discovery
  • The wonders of Madagascar

    Tsingy of  Bemaraha is the famous karstic rocks in the form of peaks which can reach more than 60 meters and which are classified among the world heritages of the humanity by the UNESCO.

    Duration : 10 days recommended
    Wild Exploration, Adventure, Photo tours, Discovery