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  • Nature on track

    The Diégo Suarez Tour can be extended towards the north western coast to end at Nose Be Island.  New attractions will add up to the list and surprising stories all ‘absolutely true’ will accompany you to the final destination.

    Duration : 11 days recommended
    Historical, Nature, Discovery
  • Discover differently the east coast

    This tour requires a bit more time but you can bet on its originality.  Indeed, instead of heading directly towards the South, we suggest you take the train to get down the south eastern cost to reach Manakara.

    Duration : 9 days recommended
    Historical, Nature, Discovery
  • The natural beauty of Madagascar

    The Morondava Tour is breathtaking because everything over there is just so impressive: the baobab, the tsingy, the setting sun, the Vazimba tombs … nothing unusual then that this tour is called ‘’The Marvels of Madagascar’’.

    Duration : 7 days recommended
    Historical, Adventure, Photo tours, Discovery
  • The island of pirates

    Sainte Marie Island is situated in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Toamasina.  It is a mystical island with relics of the past that are still alive and authentic as Sainte Marie used to be the ideal shelter for the bygone pirates.

    Duration : 7 days recommended
    Historical, Family, Nature, Discovery