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  • Marriage of green forest and red tropical island

    It is believed that Isalo is the living proof of continental drifts giving birth to cliffs and canyons of unique majesty with rare and endemic fauna and flora such as the Pachypodium, the Kalanchoe or the Aloe isaloensis. 

    Duration : 16 days recommended
  • Indris, discover of the island's fragrance

    Our specialist guides will be happy to make you appreciate such as the virtues of our medicines for the endemic flora and our fauna through the encounter with the lemurs macaco, the BOA snakes, the chameleon and geckos Brookesi species uroplatus ....

    Duration : 8 days recommended
    Nature, Seaside
  • Great south mixed with rainforest

    The Rova Ambohimanga Tour will disclose the rural facet of the capital city to you through the rice fields, the active holiday resorts, the valleys and the mountains which one can climb to reach the door of the palace.

    Duration : 13 days recommended
    Nature, Discovery
  • The most prestigious sanctuary of nature

    Situated in the extreme north east, Marojejy is the most amazing mountain of Madagascar.  Indeed, this massif pops up from the tropical forest of the SAVA region as if it wanted to pierce the sky while embracing the clouds.

    Duration : 9 days recommended
    Wild Exploration, Nature, Sport, Discovery
  • Fishing in Antsiranana

    Antsiranana (Diego-Suarez) which means a place with diverse people, is a very cosmopolitan port city in the extreme north of Madagascar. It was discovered in 1500 by two Portuguese sailors: Diego Armando Diaz and Suarez.

    Duration : 7 days recommended
    Nature, Discovery, Passion
  • Kite Surf in Antsiranana

    Leaving Antsiranana (Diego Suarez) to Ramena, two species of baobabs Adansonia madagascariensis and Adansonia suarezensis are erected at the foot of  the French Mountain. After a few kilometers crossing a sandy path leading to  Sakalava. A big sandy  beach awaits you, this is the ideal place recognized for practicing kite surfing.

    Duration : 6 days recommended
    Nature, Sport, Seaside
  • The road of thorns

    Indeed, the ‘’Route des Epines’’ is a very pleasant and original way to discover the deep south of Madagascar.  When you will go into the coastal dunes, you will be charmed by these kilometres of heavenly beaches as if a dream world was at arm’s length.

    Duration : 13 days recommended
    Nature, Discovery
  • Photo tour

    Anja Park is a village reserve situated at 12 km from the city of Ambalavao the foot of a rocky mountain cliff , which since its inception in 1999 has attracted a large number of tourists, photographers, curious in nature

    Duration : 23 days recommended
    Nature, Relaxation, Photo tours, Discovery
  • The southern route naturally

    Nature lovers are invited to stop at Ranomafana to visit the natural park.  Situated at around one hour drive from Fianarantsoa, Ranomafana is one of the main national parks of Madagascar.

    Duration : 9 days recommended
    Nature, Discovery
  • Birds paradise

    The National Park of Ankarafantsika is one of the few vast dry forests left in the island.  As such, it plays a main role in the survival of the whole western region.  It is the only water reservoir for the culture of rice which is the main resource of the population of the Marovoay region well-known as the second rice producer after Alaotra. 

    Duration : 7 days recommended
    Nature, Discovery
  • The enchanted world

    Anakao is a very attractive tourist spot with a mixture of atmosphere, colors and palaver. We meet obviously Vezo fishermen on their return from fishing at the end of the afternoon.

    Duration : 12 days recommended
    Nature, Discovery
  • The southern route with Tsimanampetsotsa

    Tsimanampetsotsa National Park, created in 1927 is the first protected area of the province of  Toliary, it extends over 43 200 ha and is situated around the unique lake of brackish water of the country which is the lake Tsimanampetsotsa. The Park possesses a variety of flora and fauna...

    Duration : 11 days recommended
    Nature, Relaxation, Discovery
  • The southern route with Fort-Dauphin by plane

    Fort-Dauphin (Tolagnaro) the capital of the region of Anosy is situated in the extreme Southeastern part of the island. An old town created during the colonial period. Some colonial houses and green streets give charm of the city.

    Duration : 10 days recommended
    Nature, Discovery
  • The mesmerizing beauty

    The Pangalanes Tour is an extension of the Andasibe Tour if you want to go further within the luxuriant vegetation of the eastern forests and enjoy the beauty of the Pangalanes Canal, the longest handmade canal built during colonization times to serve as the economic lung of the region.

    Duration : 7 days recommended
    Nature, Discovery
  • Antsiranana et ses contrastes

    Diégo Suarez, devenu Antsiranana, est caractérisé par sa majestueuse baie, classée parmi les plus belles du monde, surplombée de montagnes généreuses en nature, en cultures et en histoires. Diégo Suarez, c’est également la terre et la mer, le chaud et le froid, le vent et l’air plat, le christianisme et le musulman, le monde urbain moderne et le monde rural élémentaire.

    Duration : 7 jours recommandés
    Nature, Découverte
  • Nature on track

    The Diégo Suarez Tour can be extended towards the north western coast to end at Nose Be Island.  New attractions will add up to the list and surprising stories all ‘absolutely true’ will accompany you to the final destination.

    Duration : 11 days recommended
    Historical, Nature, Discovery
  • Discover differently the east coast

    This tour requires a bit more time but you can bet on its originality.  Indeed, instead of heading directly towards the South, we suggest you take the train to get down the south eastern cost to reach Manakara.

    Duration : 9 days recommended
    Historical, Nature, Discovery
  • A blue marine trip

    Ifaty is one of the most beautiful seashore holiday resorts of Toliary. Visitors can stroll around and meet the Vezo fishermen, indulge in watersport activities and discover the endless lagoon rich in deep sea biodiversities or simply bask in the sun on the beautiful beaches after a refreshing swim.

    Duration : 10 days recommended
    Family, Nature, Relaxation, Discovery
  • The unequal diversity

    The Southern Road will also make you discover exceptional sites such as: The water town, Antsirabe, also known as the Vichy of Madagascar with its thermal sources, its sacred lakes and overhanging mountains.  Antsirabe is also very involved in the agricultural field as well as with regards handicraft activities.

    Duration : 7 days recommended
    Family, Nature, Discovery
  • Nature nearby

    The Andasibe Tour is for those who only have a short period of time to discover Madagascar.  Indeed, it’s the perfect tour for an end-of-week lark enjoying the freshness of the Andasibe forest and more particularly of the Analamazaotra Special Reserve while discovering a variety of endemic species, among which the well-known Indri-Indri, the largest lemur worldwide.

    Duration : 4 days recommended
    Family, Nature, Discovery
  • The island of pirates

    Sainte Marie Island is situated in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Toamasina.  It is a mystical island with relics of the past that are still alive and authentic as Sainte Marie used to be the ideal shelter for the bygone pirates.

    Duration : 7 days recommended
    Historical, Family, Nature, Discovery
  • Forest and sea

    You will be marvelled by the unique charm of the Masoala Tour where highly preserved primary forest meets the sea in the Antongil Bay.  That meeting of the forest with the sea is really spectacular as the green luxuriance of the forest literally sinks into the deep blue of the Ocean.

    Duration : 8 days recommended
    Wild Exploration, Nature, Discovery