• The transfers
  • Accommodation on half board except in Antananarivo on bed and breakfast
  • Tourist taxes
  • Entrance fees in the parks/reserves
  • A car with French speaking driver (English, German if available) D2/D8 + D17/D20 as well as the excursions 
  • Fuel
  • Boat trips
  • Welcome gift and tourist map of Madagascar 
  • Madagascar Insurance 
  • Flight tickets Tuléar/Fort-Dauphin/Morondava/Antananarivo +  Toamasina
  • A 50cl bottle of water per person per day during the tour D2/D8 + D17/D20

Excluded : 

  • Drinks and personal expenses
  • Tips
  • International flight tickets
  • Meals not specified in the itinerary 
  • Local guides in the parks
  • DAY 1

    Arrive Antananarivo - Meet and transfer to the hotel - Overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 2

    Antananarivo/Antsirabe : Breakfast - Drive to Antsirabe (170 km) - Crossing the central highlands regions Analamanga and Vakinankaratra: Landscapes of the highlands rice fields and villages, markets and typical activities, local crafts: Aluminium foundry, miniature, lapidary, transformation of zebu horn... - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 3

    Antsirabe/Ranomafana : Breakfast - Drive to Ranomafana (240 km) discovering landscape and Betsileo colourful local markets in central high lands of Madagascar - Visit to workshops of rare and precious woods - Typical lunch at Ambositra, the capital of Crafts - Continuation on a course where forest fragments reforestation and natural forest follow one another - Nocturnal visit takes place near the Ranomafana National Park: observation of nocturnal lemurs: Microcebus rufus, reptiles chameleons, amphibians tree frogs... - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 4

    Visit of Ranomafana National Park : Breakfast - Trekking in Ranomafana National Park - Rainforest mountain rich biodiversity in flora and fauna lemurs, frogs, reptiles, butterflies, insects, birds, plants (orchids ....) and waterfalls - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 5

    Ranomafana/Isalo : Breakfast - Drive to Isalo (320 km) crossing Landscape Betsileo Bara and crafts (Antemoro paper, silk weaving). Zebu market Ambalavao (Wednesday), Anja Park, village reserve. Anja Park has a large population of Makis (Lemur catta), Savannah and herbaceous shrubs populated termites are the rest of the itinerary - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 6

    Visit of Isalo National Park : Breakfast - Trekking in Isalo National Park - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 7

    Isalo/Toliara/Ifaty : Breakfast - Drive to Toliary (243 km) then transfer to Ifaty (23 km) crossing herbaceous and shrubby savannah inhabited by termites and baobabs - Mahafaly and Antandroy tombs carefully painted and decorated - Visit-Arboretum is a large part of the succulent plants (xerophytes) bush of southern Madagascar: Euphorbiaceae, Apocynaceae, orchids ... many endemic bird species, reptiles, snakes, turtles, chameleons, nocturnal lemurs - Toliary: Capital Region Atsimo-Andrefana - Ifaty: Vezo fishermen village consisting of mangroves landscape, sandy dunes of the south shore west of the Big Island - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 8

    Baobabs forest : Breakfast - Visit of Baobabs forest (Adansonia rubrostipa) observation of rare birds of Madagascar (Weevil, land rollier), turtles, succulents of spiny bush - Vezo fishermen village and landscape - Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

  • JOUR 9

    Toliary/Fort Dauphin : Breakfast - Transfer to Toliary airport - Arrive Fort-Dauphin. Meet and drive to Berenty (90 km) - Crossing Antanosy and Antandroy Landscapes, monuments funeral Antanosy, thorny bush (Euphorbiaceae, Didiereaceae ...), palm trees, baobab, local market - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 10

    Berenty : Breakfast - Private natural reserve, a gallery forest - Large population of lemurs: Maki (Lemur catta), dancer Sifaka (Propithecus verreauxi), brown lemurs (2 species) Birds, reptiles. Chameleons, insects, succulents including Baobabs, species Alluaudia, Didiera ... - Nocturnal visit: lemurs (Microcebus rufus) - Dinner and overnight at Berenty

  • DAY 11

    Berenty 2nd day : Breakfast - Morning visit to the private natural reserve : lemurs, birds, baobabs and succulents - Return to Fort-Dauphin seeing the Galleon bay and the creek of Libanona - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 12

    Lokaro bay : Breakfast - Excursion to Lokaro bay with picnic lunch - Passage through arroyos, Antanosy fishermen village. Lokaro bay. Return to the city - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 13

    Flight Fort Dauphin/Morondava : Breakfast - Transfer to the airport - Leave Fort-Dauphin by plane - Arrive Morondava. Meet and transfer to the hotel - Boat excursion in mangroves by traditional pirogue - Birdwatching - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 14

    Kirindy reserve : Breakfast - Day visit to Kirindy reserve - Trekking in a tropical dry forest with a rich flora and fauna. Baobab, lemurs - Propithecus and largest carnivore Fosa (Cryptoprocta ferox) - Many rare and endemic birds families Mesithornitidae, Vangidae reptiles, snakes, iguanas ... - Lunch then return to Morondava - Sakalava village - Stop exclusively dedicated to sunset on the Baobabs’ alley - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 15

    Betania fishermen village : Breakfast - Morning visit to the village - Fishermen village Vezo-sakalava, marine nomads : Traditional boat building (lakana Vezo) - Afternoon free - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 16

    Flight Morondava/Antananarivo : Breakfast - Transfer to the airport - Leave Morondava by plane - Arrive Antananarivo. Meet at the airport - City tour : Market, architecture, handicraft - Overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 17

    Antananarivo/Andasibe (145 km) : Breakfast - Journey through landscapes of evergreen vegetation built on the slopes of eastern - Madagascar, full path of typical activities: planting, growing, market - Visit of Peyrieras’ insect and reptile farm (chameleons, crocodiles, amphibians, butterflies, snakes, uroplates, mammals lemur, tenrec) - Visit of Vakona lodge private reserve: touch with diurnal lemurs, reptiles: Nile crocodile (crocodilus niloticus) snakes and turtles, watching carnivores: Fosa (Cryptoprocta ferox), civet (Fossa fossana) - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 18

    Mantadia National Park : Breakfast - Wet rainforest canopy 25 to 30 meters. Has a very rich biodiversity National Park: diurnal and nocturnal lemurs families: Indridae, Lemuridae, Daubentonidae, Cheirogalidae; reptiles: chameleons, geckos; amphibians: frogs; more than one hundred rare and endemic bird species of carnivores; Fosa (Cryptoprocta ferox) - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 19

    Analamazaotra Special Reserve : Breakfast - Visit of Analamazaotra Special Reserve. Wet tropical secondary forest of an average canopy of 20 meters sheltering a considerable population of Indri Indri, the biggest lemur of Madagascar and nine other species: Prophitecus diadema, Avahi laniger, Microcebus rufus, Cheirogaleus crossleyi, cheirogaleus chief warrant officer(major company), (Daubentonia madagascariensis), Eulemur rufus ( brown lemur), Hapalemur griseus reptiles: chameleons, geckos, snakes; amphibians; rare birds and endemic of Madagascar - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • JOUR 20

    Andasibe/Akanin’ Ny Nofy : Breakfast - 08.00 Drive to Manambato (135 km) - 11.30 Boat to Akanin’ Ny Nofy - Crossing the Pangalanes channel: lakes, arroyos, luxuriant vegetation, landscape, typical ativities, residents Betsimisaraka: fishing and river transport with pleasure artisanal - Visit to a fishermen village - Nocturnal visit to see the aye aye - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 21

    Antsirakalaloty Reserve - Akanin’Ny Nofy/Toamasina : Breakfast - Visit to Palmarium reserve - Wet secondary forest hosting species of lemurs, including the famous Babakoto (Indri indri) and two other hybrids. Reptiles: snakes, turtles, birds, rare plants: nepenthe, Bestimisaraka landscape - Boat along the Toamasina Pangalanes channem (60 km) - Passage in arroyos, lush vegetation, typical scenes and activities of residents Betsimisaraka. Fishing and river transport with artisanal craft - Transfer to the hotel - Dinner and overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 22

    FlightToamasina/Antananarivo : Lemurs Park - Breakfast - Transfer to the airport - Arrive Antananarivo by plane. Meet and transfer to the hotel - Visit to Lemurs park - Landscape West of Antananarivo - Daytime and nocturnal lemurs of different species. Crowned sifaka lemur vari, brown lemur, maki lemur...and cheirogale - Rich collection of succulents southern and western Madagascar - Overnight at the hotel

  • DAY 23

    Breakfast - Transfer to the airport - Leave Antananarivo - End of our services

Notes :

  • Our drivers are not allowed to do speeding 
  • Drivers are not allowed to drive over 12 hours maximum a day with regular breaks 
  • In certain regions, driving at night is not recommendable after 19hr 
  • No bookings made and upon confirmation service providers and program may change depending upon availability. 
  • Air ticket is subject to change without prior notice 
  • Program may change for reason beyond our control/ weather conditions / flight cancellation or change.
  • Credit card is valid only in major cities and major hotels with a commission of minimum 3 %
  • Only cash Euro and US dollar is recommended 
  • K-way, solar cream, mosquito repellent, hat, torch, walking shoes, solar glasses…are recommended


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