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  • Western landscapes, baobabs

    It is for all sports wanting a unique experience in the fabulous natural scenery of Isalo . This course, the technical parts of which are provided by a cable sealed pitons into the rock, was carried out by professional climbing from France.

    Duration : 8 days recommended
  • Indris, discover of the island's fragrance

    Our specialist guides will be happy to make you appreciate such as the virtues of our medicines for the endemic flora and our fauna through the encounter with the lemurs macaco, the BOA snakes, the chameleon and geckos Brookesi species uroplatus ....

    Duration : 8 days recommended
    Nature, Seaside
  • Baobabs, seaside with discovery of the capital

    Visitors can stroll around and meet the Vezo fishermen, indulge in watersport activities and discover the endless lagoon rich in deep sea biodiversities or simply bask in the sun on the beautiful beaches after a refreshing swim.

    Duration : 6 days recommended
  • Honeymoon in Sainte-Marie

    The island of Sainte Marie is located in the Indian Ocean off Toamasina. It is a mystical island with vestiges of history that are still alive and authentic. Sainte Marie served as an ideal haven for pirates of yesteryear.

    Duration : 6 days recommended
    Honeymoon, Relaxation, Event, Seaside
  • Honeymoon in Nosy-Be

    Tsarabanjina is a perfect private island for honeymooners . Located 70 km from Nosy Be, she hides in her little cove a world-class ecolodge offering in the background a small sandy beach where the waves turquoise blue colors caress tenderly the golden fine sand. 

    Duration : 6 days recommended
    Honeymoon, Relaxation, Event, Seaside
  • Honeymoon in Anjajavy

    Anjajavy is a fishermen village and peninsula situated on the west coast of Madagascar, at 120 km of Majunga. It is an accessible magnificent spot by private aircraft from Antananarivo, an ideal place for honeymooners. The hotel is in a reserve of 550 ha rich in flora and fauna.

    Duration : 7 days recommended
    Honeymoon, Relaxation, Event, Seaside
  • Catamaran cruise in Nosy-Be

    Nosy-Be, called Island of Paradise or the Pearl of the Indian Ocean has an area of 293 km ². It is an ideal place to relax and bask on beaches fringed sandy saltwater turquoise blue.

    Duration : 13 days recommended
    Relaxation, Seaside, Discovery
  • Diving in Sainte-Marie

    Due to its marine wealth, Sainte Marie is an ideal place for divers. You can meet crocodile fish, parrot fish, green turtle, hawksbill turtle, stingray, stripe guitar, dryer, octopus, butterfly fish, scorpion fish, nudibranchs, lobsters...

    Duration : 6 days recommended
    Sport, Seaside, Discovery
  • Kite Surf in Antsiranana

    Leaving Antsiranana (Diego Suarez) to Ramena, two species of baobabs Adansonia madagascariensis and Adansonia suarezensis are erected at the foot of  the French Mountain. After a few kilometers crossing a sandy path leading to  Sakalava. A big sandy  beach awaits you, this is the ideal place recognized for practicing kite surfing.

    Duration : 6 days recommended
    Nature, Sport, Seaside