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  • The most prestigious sanctuary of nature

    Situated in the extreme north east, Marojejy is the most amazing mountain of Madagascar.  Indeed, this massif pops up from the tropical forest of the SAVA region as if it wanted to pierce the sky while embracing the clouds.

    Duration : 9 days recommended
    Wild Exploration, Nature, Sport, Discovery
  • Trekking

    Climb the highest point of the massif Andringitra. The famous Pic Boby is 2658 meters above sea level, taking a landscaped path which is difficult. During the tour you can find aloe, ferns, Ibiscus

    Duration : 15 days recommended
    Sport, Discovery
  • Trekking bike

    The health resort, Antsirabe, built in 1872 by a Norwegian missionary Rosas is perched in 1500 m of height with regard to the sea level, is often nicknamed "Vichy Malagasy", considered by its thermal springs, its crater lakes, its overhanging mountains which shelter it  from violent winds.

    Duration : 16 days recommended
    Sport, Relaxation, Discovery
  • Quad in Antsiranana

    Antsiranana (Diego-Suarez) which means a place with diverse people, is a very cosmopolitan port city in the extreme north of Madagascar. It was discovered in 1500 by two Portuguese sailors: Diego Armando Diaz and Suarez.

    Duration : 6 days recommended
    Sport, Discovery
  • Quad in Sainte-Marie

    The island of Sainte Marie is located in the Indian Ocean off Toamasina. It is a mystical island with vestiges of history that are still alive and authentic. Sainte Marie served as an ideal haven for pirates of yesteryear. 

    Duration : 7 days recommended
    Sport, Discovery
  • Diving in Sainte-Marie

    Due to its marine wealth, Sainte Marie is an ideal place for divers. You can meet crocodile fish, parrot fish, green turtle, hawksbill turtle, stingray, stripe guitar, dryer, octopus, butterfly fish, scorpion fish, nudibranchs, lobsters...

    Duration : 6 days recommended
    Sport, Seaside, Discovery
  • Kite Surf in Antsiranana

    Leaving Antsiranana (Diego Suarez) to Ramena, two species of baobabs Adansonia madagascariensis and Adansonia suarezensis are erected at the foot of  the French Mountain. After a few kilometers crossing a sandy path leading to  Sakalava. A big sandy  beach awaits you, this is the ideal place recognized for practicing kite surfing.

    Duration : 6 days recommended
    Nature, Sport, Seaside
  • Golf in Nosy-Be

    The 18 hole golf course is located 5 km from Dzamandzar and close to various hotels. Nosy Komba, Nosy Tanikely and Nosy Sakatia are the most visited little islands. The first  Nosy Komba or " the island of lemurs ", in the Southeast of the island, offers a visit in a private and community park to discover lemurs and typical flora of the island. 

    Duration : 6 days recommended
    Sport, Relaxation
  • Mountain under all its forms

    Andringitra is situated at 46 km from Ambalavao in the south of Fianarantsoa.  If you are passionate about mountains, we recommend that you extend your stay by 2 or 3 days just to go and stop there a moment. It is indeed a most appropriate stop after the visit of the paper factory of Antemoro and of the private reserve of Anja.

    Duration : 9 days recommended
    Adventure, Sport, Discovery