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  • The most prestigious sanctuary of nature

    Situated in the extreme north east, Marojejy is the most amazing mountain of Madagascar.  Indeed, this massif pops up from the tropical forest of the SAVA region as if it wanted to pierce the sky while embracing the clouds.

    Duration : 9 days recommended
    Wild Exploration, Nature, Sport, Discovery
  • The wonders of Madagascar

    Tsingy of  Bemaraha is the famous karstic rocks in the form of peaks which can reach more than 60 meters and which are classified among the world heritages of the humanity by the UNESCO.

    Duration : 10 days recommended
    Wild Exploration, Adventure, Photo tours, Discovery
  • Forest and sea

    You will be marvelled by the unique charm of the Masoala Tour where highly preserved primary forest meets the sea in the Antongil Bay.  That meeting of the forest with the sea is really spectacular as the green luxuriance of the forest literally sinks into the deep blue of the Ocean.

    Duration : 8 days recommended
    Wild Exploration, Nature, Discovery